We are a small business that cares about small business. We don't need to oversell you so you will only get what you need with no hidden charges.

  • Address: 629 Wayward Dr.
    Annapolis MD 21401 United States
  • Phone: 1-740-473-6468
  • Email: sales@discretegeek.com

We are a small business that cares about small business.

Discrete Geek originated as SDM Integrators in 1995. We originally worked for Government Agencies and major companies maintaining Fax on Demand systems. Remember fax machines? That evolved into web sites and our owner went to work full time for the federal government as a webmaster. Since then we have evolved into providing customer support, web sites, laptops and desktops with a little bit of ethical hacking thrown in for good measure.

We are a small business that works exclusively for small businesses and individuals. We are your solution if you are large enough to have computer problems, but small enough that you can’t afford a full time IT department.

We make it a point to get to know our customers on a personal basis. We will never ask you for your customer ID or account number because we know you on a first name basis. We are proud of what we do and don’t need to over sell or baffle you with bullshit. If you have an issue we will explain it in terms you understand. If you don’t get it, don’t worry – just know we will make it right.

For many of our options we have set fees. Have a virus? Drop it off and we will fix it (usually by the next day) for $50. Need a new fast hard drive? We will point you to a link on Amazon so you know how much it will cost. Then we will transfer all of your old files and make you a new hard drive for $250. Want us tom come to your house? If you live in Annapolis we have set hourly rates we can tell you in advance. Live in Timbuctu? We’ll still come, but we’ll let you know what it will cost us to get there.

Many of our clients need us for only a few calls a month. For them we have options where you can set up a retainer. You can call us with questions and we can help you either over the phone or using remote controls. We can fix your issue and send you a monthly accounting of your charges. We charge as little as a quarter hour for service.

Think of us as your “IT Concierge”. In fact, most of our clients refer to us as “Their Computer Guy”. Everyone needs a “guy” right? Give us a call at 410-353-3933 and see how we can help you today.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

Web Design

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Social Media

You can become the next internet sensation!

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Network Issues

We can fix your home or office computers and get you running again!

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We have a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) on staff.

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We use Discrete Geek for our web site, computer support and any technical problem!

Beverly Quality Calibrations Inc.

From redacting documents, to fixing printers to excellent tech support, Discrete Geek does it all!

Kathy Fideity Life Settlements

Matt converted our 63 page web site to a work of art! We will be using them again!

Joseph Company Ltd.

Call now at +740-473-6468 and get 15 minute phone consultation free!

We truly care about our customers and our service.